Students and their families are raving about Learning to Play featuring Merrilee Webb

“My husband and I are having so much fun learning how to play the piano through your dvds. We shopped around–via the internet, yellow pages, and live classes researching and previewing many, many programs for learning how to play the piano. When it was time to choose we chose your product over the others for several reasons; 1) your terrific and positive personality, 2) prices very reasonable (in comparison to live lessons—we like the fact that we could repeat the classes or stay on a lesson for as long as we needed to), 3) convenient (we could do this from the privacy of our home), 4) economical—very costly for 2 people taking live lessons for 16 weeks, unbelievable.

The best part, after 6 lessons, never in our wildest dreams; ever think or imagine that we could read music, whoo hoo Piano!!!!! The lessons have more than met our expectations but exceeded them 100%. Merrilee, you make learning fun, simple, positive, easy to understand and the method of bottoms, middles, tops; wow, what a concept. We feel a part of your live class and we think Cody is so cute!! It is a pleasure to see the improvement of your live students as they perform their solos—it makes us feel very hopeful and encouraged.

When we look back at the very first lesson and see how much progress we have made over time we are so glad that we went with your lessons. Just so you know we are not only extremely motivated but highly committed to practicing daily and more than the minimum 30 minutes. THANK YOU and Aloha! P.S. Even busy doctors can learn to play the piano!” Ralph B., DDS and Paulette (his wife) California-US

“My Dad and I just watched the first class lesson today and my Dad has started practicing already. The DVD has been very helpful to me as I didn’t take any formal piano lessons. I just know how to read notes, that’s it. David hasn’t watched the DVD’s yet, but has started reading the booklet and he’s already excited to watch and practice. I have stopped teaching piano right now as am due to give birth this month but will start teaching again in a month or two. I’m excited to let my students watch the DVD. So many people have been very nice to us here in the Philippines. An american couple donated lots of keyboards which we use to practice in church, and you sent us these DVD’s that would surely speed up our learning and liking to play the piano! Thank you so much for your help!“ May, Philippines

“I have already been enjoying this lovely course of yours! It really is as good as the website promises indeed! I nearly couldn’t resist watching the units all at once 😉 The technical exercises are specifically useful ’cause they dont demand that high amount of concentration and thus get me going with practice- even if my mind feels tired from studying maths all day..“ Markus, Germany

“Hello Merrilee, Week one was cool! My 13 year old son Justin has been wanting piano lessons and was sorta bummed when we gave our upright grand away. He was very excited when he saw me practicing with you on DVD and has started learning also. Merrilee your program is a huge blessing because we are both learning to play the piano on our keyboard right in front of the computer monitor which makes lessons with you “right by our side” possible. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Merrilee! You have put together a brilliantly simple way for me and others to learn how to play the piano, be entertained, and have fun all at the same time. I used to hate piano lessons. I actually started chuckling out loud when at the end of the 1st week I realized that “bottoms” & “tops” were the same notes and “middles” always included a c note. Now I envision playing the whole keyboard in stead of being polarized to the infamous “middle c”. This is truly an amazing gift you have shared with me. I am sure in the next life we will be able to see how the ripple effect of one choice or action has made a difference but until then know that by you following your inspiration to give me this program it has already made a difference in my life. Thank you Merrilee for giving me hope on playing the piano again.“ Will, Nevada-US

“I couldn’t believe how soon I was playing real songs!” Joel, Hawaii-US

“This method makes so much sense; I wonder why everyone doesn’t learn to play the piano this way.” Barbara, Utah-US

“Merrilee, our teacher, is so fun that I didn’t realize how much I was learning while I laughed.” Jason, Australia

“I thought learning the bass clef was going to be so hard because my friends who learned on other piano methods said it would be. When I got home after class and showed them how I had learned the bass clef in 15 minutes, they were blown away!” Chris, Utah-US

“Merrilee didn’t just teach me how to play the piano. I learned so much about music and the commitment to finish something I had started – which, sadly, was a new concept for me.” Matt, Utah-US

“Because I learned how to spend my time practicing, the time just flew by. Often, I would be practicing and look up to see that I had been at the piano for almost an hour!” Nate, Utah-US

“I have always wanted to learn to play the piano but I was told at a young age I had no talent. Merrilee made me feel comfortable as soon as I walked into the room and I haven’t looked back since! ” Matthew, Utah-US

“My husband is a different man since he learned how to play the piano! I like it!” Jennifer, Utah-US

“I have a high school student that can’t believe her progress! She is all smiles. She said she counted how many lessons she has had and then she said ‘I can’t believe what I’m playing!'” Jan Benson, Registered RKM Teacher,AZ-US

“We have loved this method of teaching. It has been fun for me to listen to the lessons each week and actually hear the students “take off” as it all begins to make perfect sense to them. What a great method! I wouldn’t want to have a child learn the piano any other way.” Wendy, mother of an RKM Registered Teacher

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