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New to the Reading Keyboard Method? Not familiar with our keyboard instruction video series? No problem. Our Teacher Edition manual will help you easily incorporate the RKM method as used in our piano lessons on DVD into your studio.

If you are interested in becoming a Registered Reading Keyboard Music Teacher, please contact us at 1-844-655-1318 or by email at Merrilee@readingkeyboardmusic.com

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Aloha Teachers,

I realize that there are lots of great piano methods out there and as students practice, they’ll eventually be able to learn to play the piano. The difference with the RKM method is that it moves having to learn the letter names of each note (which slows down the process) to about week 13 or 14. In the meantime, the RKM method calls the note what it really is and the student is able to read, play and understand the treble staff, ledger lines and bass staff in a matter of weeks instead of years.

When I show the method to some teachers, they can’t believe reading music could really be this simple and so they keep teaching the method they’ve always taught. When I show the method to students who can’t play the piano, they learn to read and play so quickly, they get so excited they want to learn more!


Merrilee Webb
Reading Keyboard Music

Even if you’ve been teaching other methods for years, we’d love a chance to show you how quickly and effectively the RKM method works. Help your student learn the same way many others have using our piano lesson videos. Call us at 1.800.366.8577 with all the questions you can think of and we’ll gladly share our excitement and the method from our video piano lessons with you!

Piano Lessons ResultsStudents results & retention

Using RKM’s simple and logical method, you’ll be grateful for how well your students remember how reading music and playing the piano works.

“I’ve used other methods for years with great success. A colleague showed me the RKM method and suggested I try it on a few students to see if the difference was noticeable. In a matter of a few months, my RKM students passed up my students who had been taking for two years both in playing skills and music reading skills. I’ve since switched my entire studio over to the RKM method. My piano teaching life has gotten so much easier and more fulfilling! Thank you RKM!”


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