What is RKM?

Reading Keyboard Music is the most effective approach to teaching the fundamental skill of piano note reading.

This method used for our DVD piano lessons is unique because, unlike other piano lesson books or videos, it teaches note reading by using place-specific names and pictures. This method relates visual and tactile patterns on the keyboard to patterns on the staff.

By using place-specific names © and pictures in our piano lessons on DVD series, students have fewer mental steps to take to master note placement. The study of relationships between staff and keyboard patterns allow note placement to be quickly and easily taught. This approach, as used on our piano lesson DVD series, has been proven significantly faster than using rhymes and gimmicks to memorize letter names. Letter names are taught after note placement is established. As a result, our video lessons for piano help you master bass clef as thoroughly as the treble clef, only with more ease.

Let us teach you the fun & effective way of reading and understanding notes with our online piano video lessons. Learn to play from our piano lessons on DVD  or online and you’ll be on your way to playing the piano like a star!

“I thought learning the bass clef was going to be so hard because my friends who learned on other piano methods said it would be. When I got home after class and showed them how I had learned the bass clef in 15 minutes, they were blown away!”




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