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What made you quit taking piano lessons? Too complicated? No fun?
Took too long to play real music? Mean teacher?

Reading Keyboard Music offers a 16 week Online course that is different from any other piano lesson books or DVDs. The course features Merrilee Webb, a humorous instructor who is passionate about getting you to play the kind of music you like. These online or video piano lessons also feature 8 class members who have never played the piano before. Pop in the piano instruction DVD, sit down at your keyboard, and you will be the 9th member of the class. Because of the design of each class, you will be a part of the whole experience in the privacy of your own home. Our piano instruction video lessons are easy, funny, and will have you playing real songs for your family and friends at the end of 16 weeks.

RKM 16 Week Online Course
Download all 16 lessons for the incredibly low price of $99.99 THAT'S 14 HOURS OF INSTRUCTION!!!
Length: 800 mins.
Price: $159.84
Price: $99.99

Awesome Value!

Merrilee Webb Instructing Students

If you use the DVD or online course and practice 30 minutes, 5 days a week, you can be playing songs at the level of “Fur Elise” in just 16 weeks. For the price of $9.99 a lesson, you can raise your coolness factor!
Banish that mental image of a fussy old teacher with a metronome. Give the gift to a child or spouse and tell them you believe in their dreams. Or do it for yourself. It’s never too late.

Learn how to play and read music faster!

Gone are the days of playing songs based on middle C! Within minutes you’ll learn how to actually read six of the nine notes on the staff. In the second lesson, you learn the other three! In the first two lessons, you’ve actually learned and can play all the notes on the staff. The songs are fun, you use both hands and you get lots of instruction helping your fingers do what your brain told them to do!

It’s about your time

It's About Your Time

It would be great if everyone on the planet had a piano teacher who lived close by and was available at exactly the same time each student was available. If this scenario isn’t what’s so for you, we can help. With “Learning to Play” you can take each lesson when your schedule allows and you’ll be able to watch each lesson as often as you need to understand each concept all in the privacy of your own home.

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