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Did you know that many people who take piano lessons never really learn how to read piano sheet music?

Our 16 Week “Learning to Play” lessons on DVD course will teach you how to play AND how to read sheet music. With our program, you will be able to read all sheet music.

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Reading Keyboard Music Facebook Testimonial from Stacey

Imagine being able to sit down to any piece of sheet music and play it on the spot, without ever having seen it before! The internet has thousands of pages of free piano sheet music, and with our piano lessons online course, you’ll be able to play it all!

 Reading Keyboard Music Facebook Testimonial from Melanie Hundreds of students have used Learning to Play to not only learn to play keyboard but to also learn how to efficiently read piano music. In fact, we have over 100 teachers who use our program with their students because they find their students learn to read music much faster with our exclusive teaching method.  

Buy the Learning to Play Piano Lessons Course on DVDSo What is Reading Keyboard Music & Learning to Play?

Learning to Play is a course taught by Merrilee Webb that uses the exclusive “Reading Keyboard Music” learning method. The course includes the following items:

• 16 Weeks of Lessons on 4 DVDs
• 1 Work Book
• Lesson Worksheets 

 You cannot get this method anywhere else! It’s entirely exclusive to Reading Keyboard Music. And now it’s your turn to teach yourself piano using the easiest and quickest method in the world.

It’s time to make your dream of really learning a reality!

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Please don’t waste your time with cheap, gimmicky programs that offer 100’s of videos and 100’s of mp3 audio files and 100’s of eBooks…you’ll never finish!


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