About Us

Reading Keyboard Music is both a piano learning method developed over 80 years ago by a man name C.W. Reid, and a piano learning company owned by Professor of Music Merrilee Webb. Merrilee learned to play the piano using the Reading Keyboard Music method and has used the same method to teach hundreds of students to play piano.

Based in Salt Lake City Utah, Reading Keyboard Music is dedicated to teaching the world to play piano. Merrilee’s love of music and her students is contagious. She has a unique talent of making even the most boring aspects of learning music fun and exciting.

Reading Keyboard Music’s flagship product is the “Learning to Play” piano lessons course, which is currently available on DVD and soon online. Learning to Play is a unique piano lessons course because it was produced as if you were sitting in one of Merrilee’s college piano classes. You learn to play piano right along with 8 other true piano beginners. This innovative lesson format makes learning to play piano much more fun and interesting.

The Reading Keyboard Music employees are friendly, knowledgeable, and genuinely interested in your success. They are happy to help you on your journey to playing the piano.