About Merrilee Webb

Merrilee Webb - Professor of Music and Fun Piano TeacherMerrilee Webb is the owner of, and incredible talent behind Reading Keyboard Music.

Merrilee earned Bachelor and Masters degrees in Music Education from Brigham Young University Provo where she was selected as the “Most Outstanding Musician” in 1983.

She learned to play the piano using the Reading Keyboard Music method when she was only 5 years old and studied piano with Reid Nibley at Brigham Young University. Merrilee has spent her career as a music educator. In addition to piano, she also teaches and conducts men’s, women’s and mixed choirs. She teaches music theory and even guitar.

Merrilee has taught at Brigham Young University Hawaii, where she successfully used the RKM method to teach hundreds of students from all over the world to play the piano. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Music at Dixie State College in St. George Utah.

She has also served as Associate Director for “Young Americans” and owns the Infinity Business Ventures Recording Studio.

I just want to share the gift of music with the entire world!  -Merrilee Webb

What students have to say about Merrilee and the “Learning to Play” program.

Merrilee didn’t just teach me how to play the piano. I learned so much about music and the commitment to finish something I had started – which, sadly, was a new concept for me.

Merrilee, our teacher, is so fun that I didn’t realize how much I was learning while I laughed.