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I am so excited to share with you the awesome people and opportunities I get to experience! So I have come up with the theme “Encounters with Brilliance!” Brilliant people, brilliant places, brilliant things…BRILLIANCE!

I would love for you to follow and share with me these incredible experiences. I have provided a bunch of ways to keep in touch…see those links below? Click on them and enjoy! 🙂

Thank you for your friendship and be sure to share with me your own personal encounters with brilliance! -Merrilee

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  1. I’ve been learning to read Keyboard music for 5 weeks (i just watched the 5th class). I was practicing reading and playing one of my favorite songs “The Family is of God” (treble clef only) when my husband walks in and asks, “How long have you been practicing that song?” I respond 2 days (few hours). “That’s incredible,” he remarks in all honesty and heartfelt love. Then I start crying and tell him how amazing this program is and how much I love the piano! Then he tells me not to cry because then he stars crying. It was a sweet moment to have some validation that I really needed.
    I’ve wanted to play all my life and just never had the privilege to learn (I say privilege because I always thought I would only be able to learn from paying for lessons from someone, and neither my family growing up nor I as I got older had the means or made the time for such). I’m so thankful for the blessing this program is! You make each class so much fun and uplifting. This past class 5 was just what I needed. I realized that I really am committed! I look forward to practicing and I yearn to just sit at the piano and play whatever! I’m trying to learn as fast as I can but, yes, I am beginning to get frustrated. I’m trying to stay positive and I promised myself and God that I would not quit so I’m not going to!!!!
    I keep telling everyone at church that I’m going to be playing the hymns for RS soon! And for interlude I practice reading the notes and playing really quiet. No one has complained yet and it’s nice to hear something more than the chatter!
    Thank you for your inspiration and love for the piano to put together this program. I hope someday I can play for you and you can hear my brilliance!

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