What You Need to Teach Yourself Piano


Myth: Learning the piano requires that you must have a piano teacher and meet one on one so that lessons can be individualized.

That statement is entirely false. It is possible to learn the piano with the right foundation and the right system.

Attending piano classes with a professor of music can now be accomplished from the comfort of your own home.

And its fun, entertaining, and fast!

Our sixteen week course is designed to provide keyboard lessons, piano theory and much more that will allow one to master this amazing instrument in weeks rather than years.

Simply memorizing songs in order to rely on that “song bank” inside our heads will not allow us to really learn how to read piano music.

Instead, our program was created by a college music professor whose mission was to allow Reading Keyboard Music students to read and play any piano sheet music, rather than relying on pure memorization.

teach-myself-pianoHow do I teach myself piano

All you need in order to learn to play from the comfort of your own home is:

• An internet connection.
• 30 minutes each day.
• 16 weeks.
• A piano or keyboard.


It’s that simple. With these four things, Reading Keyboard Music will help teach yourself piano in a quick and easy way. In fact, after just the first lesson you’ll be able to read and play most of the notes on the treble clef.

You Don’t Have to Learn Alone

Reading Keyboard Music’s flagship product is the Learning to Play DVD course taught by Professor of Music, Merrilee Webb. Recognizing the benefits of learning in a group setting, Merrilee Webb created the video to feel as if you were taking group lessons. As you learn from the DVDs, you’re learning alongside eight other beginning piano players. This gives the course an interesting quality that can help you learn faster and stay interested. You’ll love Merrilee’s enthusiasm and humor as you learn to play the piano and read music.

Become Piano Literate Today

Start learning today and in sixteen short weeks, you’ll be impressing friends and family members with the ability to play any song, so long as you have the sheet music available.

Many students take piano lessons for years under a tutor and don’t experience as much progress as you will with the Learning to Play DVD course through Reading Keyboard Music. With this course, you receive the absolute best of both worlds:

• A qualified, dedicated piano instructor.
• The convenience of learning in your own home, at your own pace.
• The benefits of learning in a group.
• The ability to learn quickly – in short weeks, not years!

Parents: this is one of the best and most simple methods available for teaching kids piano and research shows it’s never too young to start!


Imagine sitting down at a piano and playing whatever song is in front of you with confidence and joy. Get started with the Learning to Play DVD course today and in sixteen short weeks, you’ll have the ability to finally teach yourself piano.


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