Tamra Baker

Tamra BakerMy training as a pianist:

I began formal lessons with Mary Atkinson at age 5. After graduation I studied with Master Suzuki teachers including Haroko Kataoka, Merlin Thompson, Cleo Brimhall and Elaine Worley.

Here is my post high school education:

I took a piano pedagogy class at the University of Utah where I was introduced to the Suzuki Method in 1982. I attended the International Suzuki Convention in Chicago in 1983 with Dr. Suzuki and Dr. Kataoka. I have taken numerous institute and piano workshops in Utah, Idaho and California and have also been an instructor at workshops in Idaho and Utah.

My training as a teacher:

I have taught for more than 28 years. I have met the qualifications and requirements for certification as an “Advanced Active” teacher in the Suzuki Method. This requires continued education yearly.

The following describes my piano studio environment:

I taught traditional piano for about three years and then moved to using the Suzuki Method. I maintain a studio with 50-60 students who come to me as referrals. I have never had to advertise. I teach students ranging in age from 3 years to adult. Out of the 28 years of teaching, I have used Reading Keyboard Music for 25 of those years as the method of my choice to introduce reading to my Suzuki students. I have found (through experimenting with RKM and other methods) that the results using RKM are far superior to the other methods I had used. I have found that by using RKM, the gap between my students’ reading ability versus playing by ear ability has closed considerably. This was my goal as a Suzuki teacher.

Tamra Baker
2059 E. Sunset Drive
Layton, Utah 84040

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