Lorna Goodwin

Lorna GoodwinLorna Emata Goodwin’s music studio, Legato Music Productions, is based in San Jose, California. She began singing at four and playing piano at seven years of age. She cherishes a rich upbringing touring with her musical siblings (two sisters and three brothers) as the Emata Family Entertainers.

Although she has gone on to record and perform her originals on her solo releases, “Shadow of Your Wings” and “Still” www.cdbaby.com, she discovered a love of teaching piano at a young age and later began teaching voice. She has earned the ranking of a Level 5 certified Speech Level Singing instructor www.speechlevelsinging.com. Lorna shares that if not for Reading Keyboard Music, she would not have continued teaching piano.

With a highly successful voice studio, Lorna knew she could choose that path. However, when Sherry Emata, her sister, introduced RKM to her, the joy she found in teaching this amazing, almost instant note reading method, kept her in keyboard education. Her voice students who wanted to quickly learn how to play their audition callback music have certainly benefited from her decision!

Lorna has subsequently written supplementary pieces supporting the RKM approach that inspire her students. She has had tremendous success teaching adult group classes at St. Mary’s College in Los Angeles using the College Book Edition. Lorna co-wrote a curriculum for group classes in school districts in the Bay Area, proving that children with English as a second language learned as quickly as children with English as a primary language. She attributes this to the revolutionary method developed by C.W. Reid.

Lorna E. Goowin
14906 Herchell Drive
San Jose, CA 95127

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