Piano Lessons for Beginners

piano-lessons-for-beginnersOne misconception many people have is that learning the piano must start when you’re a young child. Although many individuals learn piano as children, anyone can still accomplish the goal of reading and playing music at any age!

The great thing about this specific course is that it’s designed to show an individual of any age of how to learn keyboard the easiest and fastest way.  Any individual who follows and uses our sixteen week program as designed will be able to read and play music on the piano.

You don’t have to take lessons for years before you’re able to play!


Beginner Piano Lessonseasiest-way-to-learn-piano

Even if you’ve never played a song on the piano in your life, you can learn to play and read the music with the easiest way to learn piano, Reading Keyboard Music.

The instructor, Merrilee Webb, teaches her piano lessons for beginners at a college to a group of students.  This sixteen week course has been formulated in a manner to allow anyone to have the extra benefit of learning “in a group” while still learning in the comfort of a home.

In fact, those individuals you’ll see, through the program, are learning right along with you.

You’re Never Too Old or Young

Merrilee learned to play at 5 years old.  You will be learning the same method she used to learn to play several years ago.

The Reading Keyboard Course was formulated to have the ability to not only be able to teach piano for kids but also to teach adults on how to play as well.

Teachers and parents all over the world have utilized the Reading Keyboard Course to help their children learn to really play, not just memorizing music.

They’re reading and playing the music, and can play piano songs for beginners to the advanced.

It doesn’t matter if you want your child to learn or if you want to learn – you’re never too old or too young for these lessons!

All you need is:

• Computer access.
• 30 minutes a day of piano practice.
• A keyboard or piano.
• A love of music!

piano-for-kidsHow Effective are These Lessons?

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve learned a few songs for the piano or you’ve never touched this instrument in your life – you can learn to read piano music and play in just 16 short weeks

The sad thing about the majority of people who play is that they’ve learned to play from memory.

Many players can’t read music.

Even individuals who have been playing for many years may not know how to read music.

This limits what they’re able to do, but with our program, you’ll learn to really read music so that you can play anything.

There is no need to be “bored” or to make it “too hard”

One of the things that you’ll learn very quickly with this course is that lessons don’t have to be dry, boring and sleep-inducing.

They can be fun, interesting and most importantly hilarious.

If you get started with the Reading Keyboard Music course right now, in 16 short weeks you’ll be able to read music and play whatever you want!

Don’t wait another day or waste another dollar on boring, dry lessons that may teach you to memorize songs.

Instead, come learn with us with our fast-paced piano lessons for beginners that will never leave you bored and your energetic teacher, Merrilee, will have you forgetting that you’re learning something!