Piano Basics

piano-basicsAre you in need of a course that will teach you basic piano in an easy to understand format?

Our Learning to Play DVD course will not only teach you how to read the basic piano notes but will also teach you everything else you need to know to be able to play the piano!

At the end of our sixteen week program, you will know how to read music and play virtually all difficult to easy piano sheet music!

Learning to play in Sixteen Weeks

Regardless of your experience with the piano

Whether or not you’ve been involved in learning piano online programs, followed piano books or never touched a piano a day in your life, our program is designed to help you quickly advance from beginning piano basics to reading and playing anything you desire to play.

The great thing about the course is that you can fit it in whenever you have time – whether it’s before work or in the evening before sleep. As long as you have about 30 minutes a day to practice with the DVD piano classes, you can learn to play the piano or keyboard quickly and easily.


What You’ll Learn

In addition to learning the basics with our Learning to Play piano course, you’ll learn to read piano music.

This is something a great many piano players don’t know how to do. You will not be learning from memory. Along with the other 8 brand new students in your “class,” you’ll learn how to read sheet music so that you’re able to play anything you want.

Piano Basics – Great for Everyone

Hundreds of teachers utilize the Reading Keyboard Music methods to teach their students to read and play music. Students range from small children to 80-year old adults. It’s literally perfect for everyone, no matter what level of experience you have! The benefits are enormous:

Learn piano at home!
• Learn from a top-notch, gifted and energetic teacher, Merrilee Webb.
• Learn in just 16 short weeks.
• Convenient and easy.

The Reading Keyboard Method

The Reading Keyboard Method was developed more than 80 years ago to teach basic lessons to beginners. By the time you’re finished with the Learning to Play DVD course, you will have piano down, and you’ll be able to read and play the piano.

Imagine the pride you’ll have when you’ve mastered the piano or keyboard – and once you have the basics down, you can take your experience and piano education level as far as you want.easy-piano-sheet-music

After Your First Lesson

After your first lesson, you’ll be able to read and play most of the notes on the treble clef! How’s that for quick learning? The great thing about these lessons is that they’re so fast-paced and fun that you won’t even realize you’re learning because you’ll be having so much fun!

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to play the piano, there has never been a better time than now. It’s never too early or too late to start learning, and it’s a gift that you’ll always appreciate having given yourself. Start learning today and in 16 short weeks, you’ll have not only mastered the piano basics but will know how to read music and play nearly anything you want.

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