Learn to Play Piano

The internet has revolutionized the way we do things – from shopping to communicating with friends to learning. Now, you can learn to read music and begin playing the piano using your internet.

Many people think this method might detract from the quality of the lesson or the end result, but in fact, learning to play keyboard with Reading Keyboard Music is more beneficial than traditional lessons.

Our program combines the Reading Keyboard Music method (developed more than 80 years ago) with a bright, talented instructor of music, Merrilee Webb.

learn-to-play-pianoThe Learning to Play DVD Course

Having noticed the benefit of group lessons, Merrilee worked to create a DVD course that allowed those of you learning piano at home to be included in a “group lesson.”

Understanding how to learn piano becomes more effective with the addition of eight other new students learning along with you.

The result is DVDs that are fast-paced, interesting and most importantly funny!

The Best Way to Learn

Many teachers use memorization or playing piano by ear to teach their students to play the piano. You play a song over and over, and you memorize how to play it or how it sounds.

Unfortunately, many of these students never learn to read piano music, so they’re stuck playing the songs they’ve memorized. The Reading Keyboard Music method teaches you how to read music so you’re never limited. playing-piano-by-ear

You can play anything you want!

It’s the best way to learn piano and is easier than you think!

Learn to Play Piano in Just 16 Short Weeks

Many people simply can’t believe that they can excel at the piano in 16 weeks. It’s true!

If you have just half an hour each day to practice and follow along with the Learning to Play DVD course, you will learn how to read piano music and know how to play anything from difficult to easy piano songs.

The level of piano song difficulty will no longer be based on your piano illiteracy but rather on your willingness to practice.

You will be able to take your piano playing to any level you want, and become as good at playing as you want, whether that is to become a piano teacher or continue with our intermediate and expert courses.

You Will Not be Overwhelmed with a Slew of Items

One of the things that many people complain about  is the quantity of the material they receive while searching for music lessons online or specific courses .

From stacks and stacks of DVDs to a large amount of information, it’s easy to become overwhelmed when you’re presented with a storage unit full of material.

With the Reading Keyboard Music method, you receive 4 DVDs, and a workbook. If you’re teaching younger children, there are additional materials like flash cards, but we will never attempt to overwhelm you.

how-to-learn-pianoPlay Piano the Right Way

The benefits of the Reading Keyboard Music method are many; you will learn quickly and easily, and the process will be fun for you.

In addition to that, you’ll be reading piano music instead of memorizing songs.

You’re going to love your fun, energetic and hilarious piano instructor, and you have the benefit of learning with a class full of other beginner piano players.

Don’t wait another day to get started!

Learn to play piano today!

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