You Can Learn to Play Keyboard in 16 Weeks



Many people think they have to go through years of training of keyboard lessons before they can play the keyboard well, but you really don’t!

With our Learning to Play DVD program, you can learn to read music and how to play the keyboard in just 16 weeks. From there, you can take your education anywhere you want.


What is Reading Keyboard Music?

Reading Keyboard Music is a company and a piano course that is dedicated to using effective teaching methods, like laughter, with the RKM method created by C.W, Reid, for teaching anyone how to read and learn to play piano in sixteen short weeks.

Created by C.W. Reid more than 80 years ago, the RKM method is used by piano teachers all over the world to help their students with playing the piano. The method teaches the basics of reading music and playing it effectively. The program creates a solid foundation of playing that students are then able to go as far as they want in keyboard and piano playing.

How do the DVDs Work?

The DVDs are created in a group music class format.  Each lesson consists of you attending a group music class, except you do it in the comfort of your own home. Your instructor, Merrilee Webb, will be teaching a group of eight who are learning, like yourself, on how to play piano.

This allows you to learn along with a group, something that carries unique benefits, but with the convenience of learning at home.

Ideally, you’ll have thirty minutes each day to spend with the program, and in sixteen weeks, you’ll have mastered each lesson and will be playing brilliantly.

Our program allows you to complete your lessons anytime!

• Before work in the morning.
• While dinner is cooking.
• On weekends.
• Before sleep at night.
• Whenever you want!

beginner-pianoLearning to Read Music

One of the biggest benefits of the Learning to Play course is that you will learn to read music, not just memorize the songs you’re playing. This gives you the ability to learn and play any songs you want, so long as the music is in front of you. Learning to memorize songs will limit you to the songs you know. There’s no greater way to learn to play keyboard than learning to read music. As a matter of fact, after just your first lesson, you’ll be able to read several notes and play them.


Our beginner piano lessons are guaranteed, meaning that if you’re not satisfied with what you’ve learned when those sixteen weeks are up, we’ll refund your purchase price.

Learn to read and play quickly and easily!

Impress yourself with the level of progress you make in a short amount of time!

In addition to that, all of our lessons are fun, interesting, and most importantly entertaining. Boring, slow lessons are obsolete with an instructor like Merrilee Webb who keeps things fast-paced and exciting, not to mention funny.

Overall, our program is one of the best methods in use for the piano.

Learn to play keyboard with simple and powerful lessons that will have you laughing and enjoying your newly acquired skill of piano playing.



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