How to Read Piano Sheet Music

One of the first steps in learning to play the piano is learning how to read piano music efficiently. Reading piano sheet music allows you to be able to play whatever you’d like rather than being limited to the songs you’ve memorized.

Learning How to Read Piano Sheet Music

Learning to read music with Reading Keyboard Music is unique, quick, and very effective.  In fact, you can learn in just 16 short weeks if you have 30 minutes a day to spend on our Learning to Play course.

The benefit is that you can fit the lessons into your own schedule rather than trying to suit the schedule of a tutor. You can practice before work, before bed, or whenever you have a free half hour to spare.

Purpose of the program

Our goal is that every student receives a strong foundation in reading piano notes and music so they’ll be able to play any kind of music they want when they finish our program– not just memorize specific songs.

Our goal is accomplished through a unique learning system that involves a different approach at learning piano notes rather than just learning the letters on each staff.

 We are also unique in another variety of ways:how-to-read-piano-sheet-music

• You learn along with a “group” of eight beginning students.
• You learn from a hilarious and energetic music teacher, Merrilee Webb.
• There are only 4 DVDs and one workbook, not a stack that will overwhelm or stress you.
• You will learn quickly – in 16 weeks – you don’t have to spend years in order to learn to read piano music!



Who are These Courses Designed for?

Whether you’re an adult who wants to learn or you want to teach your children or grandchildren to read piano sheet music, the Learning to Read course will work.

Thousands of teachers utilize the RKM (Reading Keyboard Music) method to teach their students the fundamentals of piano playing. In fact, Merrilee Webb, the instructor for this program, learned the RKM method and was playing piano when she was just 5 years old!

These courses are perfect for everyone.


Purchasing music lessons online becomes an easier choice with our Learning to Play program.  If for any reason you’re not satisfied at the end of the sixteen weeks, we’ll refund your money – no questions asked.

In 16 short weeks, you’ll acquire the capability to read any difficult to easy sheet music.

easy-sheet-musicGet Started Now!

Knowing how to read piano sheet music competently will happen naturally through Reading Keyboard Music’s Learning to Play program.

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