Learn How to Read Music Properly


If you’ve always wanted to learn to read music, this is the perfect opportunity for you!

The Reading Keyboard Music course was designed to teach you in a simple and quite unique way on how to learn to read music and play the piano.

An excellent foundation for playing the piano!

The Method

Reading music notes on a staff does not have to begin with learning and memorizing letters!

Instead, our Learning to Play course begins by demonstrating a very unique, easy, and quick way of learning the Treble and Bass clef staff.  The method is so effective that students are able to play anything they want after finishing our sixteen week course.

Learning the letters on the staff and all other fundamentals for playing the piano will be taught but come later in the process once confidence is built and students are reading and playing music.

The RKM (Reading Keyboard Music) method was developed more than 80 years ago and was specifically designed to teach students to learn to read music faster and more confidently so that they could learn to play with proficiency and competence.

If you’re learning to play and read sheet music now, the Reading Keyboard Music method can make it much easier for you – you can learn to read some notes after just the first lesson.

The Teacher

When you utilize the Learning to Play DVD course, you’ll be playing and reading piano music with Professor of music, Merrilee Webb.

She’s far from the stereotypical piano teacher.  Her style of teaching is fun, energetic and humorous.

The lessons are easy to understand and fast paced!

Many past students have commented that they learned quickly and had so much fun that they didn’t even realize they were in a class at all!

how-to-learn-to-read-musicLearn How to Read Music Properly

One of the things other piano courses often teach is how to play piano by memorization.

We strongly believe that if you know how to read music, you never have to memorize. You can sit down in front of songs you’ve never even seen before and play them.

This is called “piano literacy.”

A great number of people who play the piano are piano music illiterate. This severely limits what they’re able to perform, because they can only play the songs they’ve memorized.

What if You Don’t Want to Play the Piano?

Maybe you are not interested in the piano but you’d still like to learn to how to sight read music. Because our program is so much faster and more efficient than other lessons, you can utilize this course as a foundation for playing other instruments.

With what you learn in these short 16 weeks, you’ll be on the fast track to reading music in general and playing other instruments. Our Learning to Play DVD course will help you out in all other musical ventures and journeys.

The Guaranteehow-to-sight-read-music

If you’re not completely satisfied with what you’ve learned over the 16 weeks, you can receive a full refund of your purchase price – no questions asked. It’s that simple! We’re confident that you’re going to meet your goals and be proud of the progress you’ve made with our Learning to Play DVD course…and that you’re going to have a lot of fun in the process.

Don’t wait another day – learn how to read music today!

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