How much do piano lessons cost?

How much are piano lessons ?

how-much-are-piano-lessons-for-childrenOn average, private piano lessons range from $30.00/hour to $60.00/hour.   Therefore, a month of piano lessons (4 1-hour lessons) would cost

anywhere from $120.00 to $240.00.

And that is for only one student.  What if another sibling or spouse wants to learn how to play the piano?

That number may then double or even quadruple depending on how many  participate.

According to this article, the effectiveness of a teacher is far more important and has more impact on the success of that individual than the class size, or school attended.


What if learning  piano could be done at home effectively

with a successful, experienced, fun and high reputable teacher?

And how much do piano lessons cost for any additional siblings or family members who want to learn at home as well?

Absolutely nothing!!

Free piano lessons at home.


In Reading Keyboard Music, students learn the RKM method, one of the best piano teaching methods known.

Through a phenomenal teacher, Ms. Merrilee Webb.  P.h.d. music, students receive the best piano courses in the world.

Her optimistic, fun, and quite hilarious personality empowers students towards success.  The program is established to create success quickly so students feel the drive to continue.  It’s sixteen week program is designed to create students who learn to read music and play music effectively.


Normally, to learn piano online for free, one may have to spend countless hours piecing different free lessons together which dramatically increases the risk of missing some basic vital keys in learning to read and play music effectively. This can cause one to quit or become frustrated because the basic building blocks of reading music are missed.

There is definitely a better and affordable way.

Once purchased, this Learning to Read music program can be used by every additional sibling and family member living in the home for FREE.

Piano lessons for a family truly just became easier and substantially more affordable.

So, how much do how much do piano lessons cost for the entire family through one Learning to Play program?

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