Here’s the deal…if you want to learn to play piano, you’re going to have to practice. I wish I could say that we have some magic pill that you take that enables you to learn piano without practicing, but we don’t.

Instead, we do have an incredible learning method that I’ve personally proven time and time again with hundreds of students, that will help you to learn to play piano and read piano music faster than any other piano learning method I know of. I learned this method when I was five years old, and have used it throughout my career in private lessons as well as high school and college classes.

I can honestly say that in the past six years (since I purchased the method) we have only ever had one product return! Seriously–only one person has returned the product.

So I am confident that if you will do your part of practicing 30 minutes each day, five days per week, you will absolutely learn to play piano and read piano music in 16 weeks–guaranteed!

-Merrilee Webb


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