Core Piano – All 16 Lessons

RKM 16 Week Online Course
Download all 16 lessons for the incredibly low price of $99.99 THAT'S 14 HOURS OF INSTRUCTION!!!
Length: 800 mins.
Price: $159.84
Price: $99.99

Merrilee Webb teaches eight people who have never taken piano lessons before. They meet together weekly for sixteen weeks taking lessons from the piano method developed by C. W. Reid. This innovative and proven method actually teaches you how to really read piano music for treble clef, bass clef as well as ledger lines (above and below the staff) in a much more effective and efficient way than traditional piano methods.

You as the watcher are invited to learn right along with them (Merrilee will refer to you often helping you to feel included).  If you practice the way Merrilee teaches you, you will be able to read and play easy to intermediate pieces by the time the course if completed.  In as few as sixteen weeks based on your practice and age.

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