The best piano teacher will have passion and laugh often


It has been shown through research that a teacher’s influence and style has more impact on the success of a student than the size of a class or the type of school attended.

We can assume that the same research can apply when attempting to find a piano teacher that can help students succeed at reading and playing music.  The best piano teachers do play an important role in empowering their students towards playing the piano.

Reading Keyboard Music happens to have one of these rare gems whose passion for teaching students to read music and play the piano is felt in every lesson, video, and one on one interaction she has with any of her students.

Professor of Music Merrilee Webb is confident that anyone, who has the desire, can learn how to play the piano as long as they are willing to put in practice time.  She has established simple and easy to understand lessons, through the RKM method, that have helped thousands learn. Some of these individuals felt they had no hope in playing only to discover that they could.

Not Your Boring Old Lessons

New Research has proven that when students are able to feel relaxed and laugh, they learn better.

Learning to play with Merrilee Webb is far from boring, stressful, or overwhelming. In fact, students who choose to take our sixteen week course immediately notice how much energy and humor Merrilee Webb brings to the lessons.

You will never be bored, and you’ll be having so much fun, you’ll forget that you’re learning to read piano music and play the piano! If you thought taking piano classes would be boring, then you will be pleasantly surprised with our Learning to Play DVD course.

best-piano-teaching-methodExperience and Skill

Merrilee learned to play the piano at the age of 5 using the Reading Keyboard Method…the same method she’ll be using to teach you to play! In addition to that, Merrilee teaches group piano lessons at a local college.

Being that group piano lessons at a local college have number and geographical limitations, Merrilee Webb desired that more individuals have access to the best piano teaching method around, RKM (Reading Keyboard Music).

Through this desire, Merrilee Webb designed a sixteen week program that allows anyone to learn piano in a group setting with this unique and effective RKM method.

Because research has proven that the best piano courses happen in a group setting, our Learning to Read DVD program will have you learning the keyboard with eight other beginning students who are featured in each lesson.

Bringing the Classroom Home

If you were to take one of Merrilee’s piano classes, you would be learning with the same exact method you’re receiving with the Learning to Play DVD course. With Merrilee Webb, you’ll receive the best possible method for learning to play, along with a hilarious and fun teacher that keeps things fresh and entertaining.

She’s not only the best piano teacher for this specific course, but she’s likely to be the most refreshing teacher you’ve ever had!

• Learn how to play the piano at home!
• Learn in just 16 weeks.
• Learn in a group of 8 other people.
• Get the same education you’d get if you took one of Merilee’s actual classes.

The Benefits of a Great Piano Teacher

One of the benefits of getting a great piano teacher is students will easily feel a teacher’s passion and become motivated by it.

You’re in for a fantastic surprise with Merrilee Webb!

There is no need to learn piano online with a boring instructor!

Merilee Webb, in her Learning to Play program, is able to take her passion, energy, laughter, and expertise in music and combine it with one of the best methods (RKM method) for learning to play piano.


We’re so confident that you are going to enjoy Merrilee Webb’s method for teaching that we have attached a 100% money back guarantee.  If you are unsatisfied in any way, we will refund the difference.

Start today by learning to play the piano effectively and with ease from the best piano teacher, Merrilee Webb.

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