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Featuring RKM Teachers!

Kyle Martin, one of our new RKM Registered Teachers, will be opening for George Thorogood and the Destroyers-Bad to the Bone- with his band “Joel”, a Billy Joel Tribute Band Sunday, July 26th at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, California.

Jan Benson, one of our awesome RKM Registered Teachers, will be offering her annual piano summer camp July 20-23 in Surprise, Arizona. Her students will have fun using computer games as they learn more theory and get better at their rhythms. She has four keyboards during the camp so the students get a lot of practice playing in an ensemble. The parents will have the pleasure of seeing their children perform what they’ve learned at their piano summer camp!

Sharla Dance, another of our innovative RKM Registered Teachers, took a 16 hour, very intensive Chord and Improvisation course to strengthen her skills in those areas. She learned a lot, was reminded of things she had forgotten and is excited to share her new skills with her RKM students. She wants them to be well rounded musicians and knows how valuable improvisation and working with and playing chords can be.

Tamra Baker, who has been using RKM for more than 20 years has a lot going on in her studio this summer. Her students have the opportunity to play in a recital each month (9 months out of the year) for the Suzuki Association of Utah. She also offers group classes quarterly in her own studio. She will be having an Ensemble Playing evening on October 10 at the Piano Gallery in Riverdale, Utah where students will be playing at 5 different pianos at the same time. She also offers a “Side By Side” recital where each student plays with a sibling, parent or another student in the studio. 90% of her students have siblings taking from Tamra as well. On July 20, she’s having a “Popsicle Piano Play In!” She’s moving one of her electronic keyboards outside and the students will come and sit on blankets and enjoy each other’s playing. After they’ve played, they get popsicles!!! How fun is that?!

Shirley Carlson,one of our powerful RKM teachers offers a recital each month as part of her tuition. Parents really enjoy this benefit of Shirley’s studio. She also teaches right through the summer months! Go Shirley!

Louise Hill, from beautiful Liberty, Utah and her husband Clair are celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary this year!!! Congratulations to them both. What great examples!!! Louise took another Suzuki Training Course taught by Cathy Hargrave at the University of Utah this past spring. Louise continues to hone her skills as a pianist and a teacher by taking these courses and her students benefit from her work!

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